Featured Events from 2016

Watch for 2017 to be posted soon!

Stop Your Moaning Lisa

Sunday 9pm - Midnight
Was setting up your camp a pain in the ass? Have you had enough of your fellow camp mates? It’s time to quit your bitching, stow your tools and get the party started. Celestial Bodies and Mudskippers are your hosts for an evening of fun, dancing and drinks. Leave your attitude and drama behind and say welcome home to our burner friends.

Tutu Tattoo Tuesday

Tuesday – 1-6pm

A Celestial Bodies tradition. We adorn your gorgeous body with our camp tattoos while admiring your tutu and Renaissance frocks. Moonshine and Tripod will be serving refreshing Playa Cosmos. Come strut your stuff and twirl your tutu, tunic and tights for all to admire and enjoy.




Join Celestial Bodies for the Naked Pub Crawl

Wednesday 11am
Celestial Bodies will again be a host camp for the annual bike ride through the city. We’ll be serving our signature Playa Cosmo. The ride starts at the man at 11am.

Codpiece Workshop

Thursday 2-5pm
Come, have fun, be creative and walk away with a one-of-a-kind Renaissance codpiece to adorn and show off your most private parts. Bring an ordinary dusk mask if you have one. We’ll have fabric, beads and fun supplies to bedazzle your family jewel box. We may want to parade around the hood to show off our creations so don’t be shy.

T-shirt Painting

Friday 2-6pm

Bring a clean shirt and walk away with your very own 2016 Da Vinci Workshop souvenir. Celestial Bodies has easels, stencils and spray paint to create your one-of-a-kind Burning Man memory.