Our Camp Art Projects

Here was our 2016 camp Art Projects. Watch for 2017 to be posted soon!

Moaning Lisa - Can you become that enigmatic face? Great for photos in our live-person scale display.

The Last Supper - Who of you group is the saint and who follows them - and who will betray you? Insert yourself into this memorable fresco and find out!

EXTRA!! Click Here to see photos of the event!

Da Vinci’s Dungeon - Yes you read that right.. We take Da Vinci to places he never ventured in his art - where YOU become the art and the exhibition. Assume the positions of the Vitruvian Man and complete the celestial circle. A great photo-op for the more daring of you.

Again this year we will feature the:

Designed and constructed by Water Truck Bill, our Celestial Superscope provides a unique visual and photographic experience. With this super kaleidoscope, you and your friends are the Stars.  See the real thing... many times at Celestial Bodies.  Super fun for all.